Our Staff

Leadership Team


Simon Barker

Deputy Principal

Katie Brown


Annie McAppion (acting)

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Louise McCormick

Business Manager

Shauna O'Halloran (acting)

Communities@Work Centre Manager

Samantha Willey


Rubies Educator

Kylie Neylan

Rubies Support Educators

Bek O'Shea
Amanda Coleman

Amethysts Educator

Libby Mackie

Amethysts Support Educator

Bek O'Shea

Jets Educator

Erica Teding van Berkhout

Jets Support Educator

Leeanne Miller

Corals Educator

Libby Mackie

Corals Support Educator

Annette Mrdak

Jaspers EducatorWendy Driver
Sapphires EducatorKaren McQuellin
Ambers EducatorEmma Webb
Learning Support Assistant (LSA)Julie Schliebs
Lilly  Cooper

Year One / Two

Emeralds Educator

Rose Donnelly

Quartz Educator

Priscilla Reyenga
Allison Chesson

Garnets Educators

Mikayla Robinson

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)Leeanne Miller, Lilly Cooper, Julie Schliebs

EAL/D Educator

Sustainability EducatorClare Whittaker-Allan

STEM (Makerspace) Educator

Nira Grujic
Spanish EducatorMarisa Guerrero
Support Staff

School Psychologist

Brittany Thomass (Wednesday and second Fridays)


Kathleen Kelly

Building Services OfficerMick Oakley