Our Curriculum

At IPECS we have natural play spaces to promote physical activity, imaginative free play, foster social interaction, cut down on bullying, and encourage risk-taking.  Each of our play areas is intentionally set at the beginning of each day with a variety of experiences that foster active play, problem solving, creativity and relaxation. Through our natural spaces children also develop their proprioception and kinaesthetic ability.


Our preschool teachers are trained in Kids At Play Active Play (KAPAP). All preschool students participate in KAPAP sessions once per week on average, and are introduced to one fundamental motor skill each fortnight which is consolidated through games throughout the week.


Children K-2 participate in cross country and athletics carnivals with our local feeder schools. Our year 2 children participate in Aquasafe and all children have swimming lessons P-2 annually. We run a bikes program that staff deliver on rotation at different terms during the year and gross motor program that all students participate in. Our literacy programs have an element of gross motor included to enhance ability to cross the midline (crab crawls, core strengthening). We also hold an annual walkathon and participate in the Sorry Day Bridge Walk.  Our music program incorporates movement and dance, and in class drama programs and performance items for assemblies require staff to explicitly teach movement and dance.