Inquiry Learning


At Isabella Plains Early Childhood School our learning and teaching stems from the core document of the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework (preschool) and is implemented through an inquiry approach to learning. Our Inquiry Approach ensures the connection of learning areas and capabilities so that learning is seen and experienced in a holistic way. As culture of thinking and a community of Inquiry the process of learning and the attainment of  a tool kit of learning assets such as being: a collaborator, self – manager, communicator, thinker and researcher are key to 21st century learners.

Access to contemporary tools and resources enhance learning opportunities. A commitment to personalised learning allows every child the opportunity to learn and develop in a manner and pace best suited to them. As a community of inquiry and a culture of thinking, learners are empowered to seek understandings about our world through Inquiry. Learners are supported as they develop and learn to be; researchers, collaborators, communicators, self-managers and thinkers. Through the use of the flexible learning spaces, digital technologies and an Inquiry approach learners are equipped for lifelong learning.