GEMS Parent Association



 Introducing the GEMS......

Genuine Engagement Mutual Support

GEMS is the Parents' Association at the Isabella Plains Early Childhood School. We are an informal group, with our aim of supporting the children and families by hosting events, contributing where we can to improving the school and its surrounds and being a forum for families to discuss how the school community is going and to get involved in small ways to help out around the school. All parents, carers and guardians of children attending the school are welcome to be members. It is free to join and there are a few different ways that people can get involved:


Come along to a GEMS meeting; we meet once or twice a term, with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Childcare & Education Manager and the school's Community Coordinator also participating.

Meetings are held in the Family Room and typically run for one hour; it is an opportunity to have updates on key events and issues from the school leaders and managers, as well as catch up on the GEMS activity for the term. Families attending are very welcome to bring their children along.


Take on a role on the GEMS Committee to help organise activities and keep business running.

If you want to help out on the GEMS Committee, you can self-nominate for a role (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Council Delegate, Public Officer) at each year's Annual General Meeting.


Be on hand to help out from time to time at one of our GEMS events or activities.

We sometimes need a volunteer or two to help out with our school discos, end of year school celebration or other activities that we might run during the year. We are also open to fresh ideas from families as to what the GEMS might do.


It is easy to get involved with GEMS and it does not take up much time at all, even if you take on a role on the Committee (about six hours or so a year). We don't run a canteen, uniform shop or fete and our focus is on a casual and relaxed group that can be a positive force for the school community. We hope you can be involved - if you would like to know more about the GEMS, contact