The Farm

The Farm houses the Chicken Family, the vegetable gardens, the worm farms and composting bins. One of the Places to Play project  priorities in 2013 is to enclose the farm area so that the chickens can free range, other additions to the farm include planting  fruit trees and providing outdoor furniture so that the children, families and educators can enjoy this lovely space for picnics or relaxing. The Farm provides opportunities for children to learn about sustainability, the lifecycle,  recycling and reducing waste.

The Chicken Family

Each day the children and educators feed the chickens and collect the eggs. The children cook with the eggs and learn about the life cycle of chickens. We have a dedicated group of families who volunteer to care for the chickens during weekends and holidays.

Chickens in IPEC's chicken family Kids and teacher are feeding the chickens

The Vegetable Gardens

The vegetable gardens are planted with herbs and seasonal vegetables. Children and educators care for the gardens, harvest and cook with the produce and sell the green goods to families at special market days.

The vegetable garden with herbs and seasonal vegetablesKids and teacher together look after the vegetable gardenTeacher looks after the vegetable garden

Worms and Composting

The worms are fed vegetable matter from the remains of food produced during meal preparation in the school kitchen. The compost built in the composting bins is made up of vegetable and other appropriate waste matter. The chickens are also fed leftovers to supplement their diet.  The compost  is used to fertilise the vegetables growing in the garden.

Image of the composting binsKids hold worms