A group of wellbeing kid and parents

THE KIDS MATTER PROGRAM AT Isabella Plains Early Childhood School

Kids Matter is the first national mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative specifically developed for primary schools. It involves the people who have a significant influence on children's lives – parents, families, care-givers, teachers and community groups – in making a positive difference for children's mental health during this important developmental period..

The Kids Matter initiative aims to:

a) Reduce mental health problems amongst students.

b) Improve the mental health and well-being of primary school students.

c) Achieve greater support for students experiencing mental health problems.

Isabella Plains Early Childhood School will make a difference to children's mental health and wellbeing by addressing four key areas. We will be working through four components in the Kids Matter framework:

  1. A Positive School Community.
  2. Social and Emotional Learning for Students.
  3. Parenting Support and Education.
  4. Early Intervention for Students Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties.

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For more details on the Kids Matter program read or download these PDF files: