Enrichment and Intervention

Intervention at IPECS

At IPECS every child is supported to achieve the their potential. We use hands on learning and ensure teaching is targeted towards children’s individual needs and abilities. In class teaching is differentiated to ensure all children can actively participate in the program. Teachers actively communicate with families and if they have a concern about a child’s development they communicate this sensitvely to families. Families are able to access our school psychologist for support and other Directorate support mechanisms.

Targeted intervention occurs daily at IPECS for selected students. This may be in the form of an additional teacher or assistant working in a particular, children working in a small group and or through our targeted literacy intervention program (LISI).

Children who are working beyond the expected year level in a particular subject area are supported to extend their skills through in class differentiation of the program, accessing a mentor through Kids Hope or our Maths mentor, accessing our STEM group and or with individual in class support.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s development or academic progress you are encouraged in the first instance to talk to your child’s teacher or to a member of the leadership team.


Stem is identified as an Enrichment lesson running once a week. The children are given the opportunity to acquire STEM and 21st Century Learning skills that will be needed in 75% of jobs and for innovation in the future. Lessons run for 1 hour once a week in the Makerspace.