The school board encourages the wearing of the school colour code as it helps to create a sense of belonging.  Children are involved in a range of hands on learning experiences, so are encouraged to wear clothes that are wash and wear.  We also believe that wearing school clothing assists on excursions as children are  more visible and easily identifiable in the school colours.

The benefits of a school uniform include:

  • promoting a sense of a school identity and belonging among students
  • assisting students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation
  • promoting the safety of students through easier identification
  • keeping costs of clothing within reasonable limits for parents


Suitable shoes have an enclosed toe and heel, include well-formed sneakers, leather shoes and boots.  Well-fitting shoes are important, as ill-fitting shoes can have negative long term effects on children’s feet.  Thongs, Crocs and open-backed sandals can result in injuries and are therefore discouraged.