Core Elements of Service Delivery

Kids playing in sandboxKids playing in playground

Isabella Plains Early Childhood School is a place where learning and development occur within a collaborative environment. Services cater for children aged birth to eight years and their families and are focused on the learning and well being of children and families. Services and programs access are available within the one location. These services and programs continue to grow and expand as community needs we establish ourselves within the community

Core elements that underpin the service delivery at Isabella Plains Early Childhood School are:

High quality learning

Learning commences at birth and families are children's first educators. Because of the critical nature of children's brain development in the first three or four years, the learning that takes place within families, the community and the formal arrangements of childcare are of the utmost importance.
Isabella Plains Early Childhood School offers continuity in curriculum and relationships across the early years. Curriculum and pedagogy are based on up to date research into early learning.

Integrated service delivery

A child's learning and well being are interconnected. Young children's experiences are inseparable from those of their families.
Families have access to a comprehensive array of programs that support children's early learning and that build family and community capacity. A range of services from different government and community agencies are offered at Isabella Plains Early Childhood School. These include parent education, school aged care, family support, playgroups and access to other services such as housing. Services and programs are based on the needs of the community.

Family support and participation

Families are central to children's development. In forming genuine partnerships with families, staff at Isabella Plains Early Childhood School build and draw upon parents' skills and expertise. Isabella Plains Early Childhood School staff encourage and foster the active participation of families.

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