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Harmony Day

Posted on 14 Mar 2018

Working bee

Posted on 13 Mar 2018

Musical Playgroup

Posted on 06 Mar 2018

Our new playgroup starts next week.  Places are limited.  Contact Louise for more information.

School photo timetable

Posted on 05 Mar 2018

Tuesday 6 March Preschool & Communities@Work

Individual and group photos will be taken


Pearls to Diamonds (Childcare) & Preschool





All available staff  & Sibling Photo


Pearls & Jade


Rubies & Amethysts


Topaz & Diamond


Wednesday 7 March K-2

Individual and group photos will be taken







All available staff & Sibling Photo


Amber - Kindy


Jasper – Kindy


Sapphire – Kindy


Quartz – Year 1/2

K-2 have a break 10.45 until 11.20


Emeralds – Year 1/2


Garnets Year 1/2



Thursday 8 March Preschool & Communities@Work

Individual and group photos will be taken


Pearls to Diamonds (Childcare) & Preschool





All available staff & Sibling Photo


Pearls & Jade


Topaz & Diamond


Jets & Corals



Reading Information Session For Parents

Posted on 05 Mar 2018

In the Family room, Tuesday 6 March at 9:15 and a repeat session at 3:15.

Reading Information Session for Parents

Posted on 27 Feb 2018

Focusing on reading with your child at home, early literacy development and reading strategies.

Tuesday 6 March at 9:15 with a repeat session at 3:15. 

K-2 Gymnastics

Posted on 22 Feb 2018

Dear Families


As part of our Physical Education program the K-2 children have the opportunity to participate in four gymnastics classes this term. Qualified gymnastics coaches from Woden Valley Gymnastics Club will work with the children to develop specific gymnastics skills whilst developing overall fitness, coordination, core strength, flexibility, improved spatial awareness and body control. The classes will take place during school hours once per week over a four week period. In order for the children to participate fully in the program the children are asked to wear comfortable, appropriate clothing. We suggest shorts and a t-shirt on gymnastics days. There is no cost attached to the program as IPECS has applied for, and won, a 'Sporting Schools' grant to fund the program. 

Classes will run on Fridays from March 16 until the end of term.


If you have any questions about this program or do not want your child to participate contact Katie Brown via the front office or


Thank you

Whole school gathering

Posted on 22 Feb 2018

Worm Palace

Posted on 16 Feb 2018

WORM Palace- Children in Year 1 and 2 transferred the worms during playtime to their new home the Worm Palace. Squishy, squirmy worms were fed and watered. The children chatted with each other learning new things about the worms and how they make fertilizer. Next we will make fertilizer bombs and feed our fruit trees!

Welcome BBQ and Information night

Posted on 07 Feb 2018

School Dresses

Posted on 01 Feb 2018

School dresses have arrived.  Reception is open Friday 2 Feb, 8.30 - 3.30.  As there are limited numbers available there will be a limit of one per child at this stage.

Art show, auction & mini fete

Posted on 14 Nov 2017

Whole School Gathering

Posted on 13 Nov 2017

School Banking

Posted on 26 Oct 2017

Calling for volunteers – we need your help!


Our students really enjoy participating in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program and to keep this program running we need your help.


The program requires a volunteer School Banking Co-ordinator to facilitate the banking and distribution of School Banking rewards. This only takes a small amount of your time one day a week and the Commonwealth Bank will provide support in how to run the program. Your help with the program will greatly benefit students as they develop vital saving skills and also help our school with fundraising.


Currently, School Banking day is Wednesday.


If you are interested in volunteering for this great program, please email


Whole School Gathering

Posted on 11 Oct 2017

ICT Expo QR code treasure hunt winner

Posted on 22 Sep 2017

Today Mel presented Bryson with a Makey Makey kit, his prize for winning the ICT Expo QR code treasure hunt, just in time for the holidays. We hope you have lots of fun with it. 
Did you and your family attend the expo? Did you enjoy it? You can let us know by following this link; We appreciate the feedback.

Swimming Lessons

Posted on 11 Sep 2017

Royal Life Saving Society

ACT Primary Schools Swim & Survive Program


Dear Parents,

This Wednesday, the second Wednesday of the Swim and Survive program, we would like all students to experience being in the water with clothes on. This is a novelty factor for most of the students; however some of the higher levels may need to bring their clothes on more than one occasion, their instructor will advise the students when to bring them. This activity allows the children to experience what it feels like to fall in the water fully clothed and be able to safely exit the water on their own. The instructors will let the children know what they have to bring.

It is essential for the 3rd last lesson that students bring the following:

Junior Swim and Survive, Swim and Survive:

Students to bring an old pair of long pants and a long sleeved top (pyjama’s are also fine)

Swim and Survive:

Students to bring in addition to the above clothes, a jumper

Children should bring these items in a labeled plastic bag.

On arrival at the pool, the children will put these clothes on over their swimmers.

This is also a goggle free day, the reason behind this is again when a child falls in the water they don’t usually have their goggles on. Most children struggle and panic without them as they think it is a necessity when they are in the water.

If you have any questions about this activity and the relevance to the program please do not hesitate to contact us at the Royal Life Saving Office.

Kind Regards,

Nicole Lloyd.

Education Manager

ACT Schools Swim and Survive Coordinator

Royal Life Saving Society - ACT Branch

Ph: 6113 1994

Mobile: 0409 070 125

Father's Day Breakfast

Posted on 29 Aug 2017

Tomorrow morning, Wed 30 Aug, starting at 8.15am.

Father's Day Stall

Posted on 24 Aug 2017

School Satisfaction Survey

Posted on 22 Aug 2017

Thank you to the 22 families who have completed the school satisfaction survey.  Feedback is important to us and we hope that all our families will complete the survey. When you have, leave your name at reception to go into the draw to win a $200 voucher to spend at Savvy School wear.  If you did not receive an email with a link to the survey and a unique access code please contact the school.

Fresh tastes

Posted on 21 Aug 2017

We’re proud to be a Fresh Tastes graduate!

Our school is one of eight schools involved in Fresh Tastes since 2014 and we’ve had a positive shift in our food and drink environment as a result!

We were recognised for our efforts at a celebration event, with students accepting a certificate and a vertical garden gift from Yvette Berry MLA, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development and Meegan Fitzharris MLA, Minster for Health and Wellbeing.

We want to thank all students, parents and staff who have been driving forward activities to make healthy foods and drinks a bigger part of every day school life.

Check out the 45 second video of our school’s story on the FT website at

Book Week

Posted on 21 Aug 2017


Posted on 11 Aug 2017

Backyard Rangers Paint and Play

Posted on 27 Jul 2017


Posted on 25 Jul 2017

Spanish SewaThon

Posted on 13 Jun 2017

Calling all crafters!

Spanish sew-a-thon

The project is to make 12 boys Spanish Flamenco outfits, consisting of a vest, waist sash and hat. We need people to cut, put outfits together and sew, so bring yourself and you will be shown the rest! There is lots of jobs, so don’t worry if you are not a sewer. The outfits will be worn during Spanish lessons and will be showcased at Spanish School Gathering on August 22nd.

Where: Family Room When: Friday 16 and 30 June

Time: Anytime 10am– 2 pm

What to bring if you have them: scissors, sewing machine with black thread

Children welcome! the family room is well resourced with children’s equipment and has an adjoining courtyard which allows for inside and outside play.

Alternatively if you would like to help out from home, please contact our Community Coordinator Louise,

Future of Education

Posted on 02 Jun 2017

Dear Families and IPECS Community


Recently the Minster for Education launched the Future of Education, a consultation process looking to capture stakeholder’s current perceptions and ideas for the future direction of education in the ACT. This process isn’t just about the big things that are or are not working. It’s about small changes that improve the service experience and shaping the future direction of education. More information about this project can be found on the Education Directorates website via the following link


You are invited to have your say by completing the attached short survey. Answers will be anonymously collated and sent through to the Education Directorate. The IPECS survey will close on Thursday 8 June with responses being sent to the Directorate shortly after.


Thank you






Numeracy Parent Workshop

Posted on 01 Jun 2017

Enrolment Reminder

Posted on 16 May 2017


Posted on 12 May 2017

  • The Australian Government announced on 2 May 2017 their proposal for the future funding arrangements for schools across the country. This is a commitment to a sector blind, consistent, needs based funding model adding resources to deliver what students need.

  • We are still analysing the detail, however the headline figure for the ACT shows an increase of $150.4 million over 10 years, which equates to an increase of 52%. We are still unpacking what this means for our school and we know that this figure is inclusive of projected enrolment growth.

  • Funding for government schools in the ACT will grow at an average of 5.8 per cent per student each year, with non government schools reducing at 0.8 per cent.

  • The announcement also includes the recommendation for Mr David Gonski to review the distribution of funding. The ACT is well progressed in this space.

  • The Australian Government has also now announced its commitment to a further $428 million to continue Commonwealth support for preschool throughout 2018. This means that the 15 hours per week, or 600 hours a year access will remain available.


    If you would like more information the links below will take you to factsheets provided by the Department of Education and Training.

New fairer school funding from 2018

The Case for Change

Commonwealth and state responsibilities for school funding

Funding will be tied to reforms

A fairer transition to the new model

Fairer funding for Students with Disability

Supporting students in regional and remote schools

Supporting Indigenous students

Additional funding for the Northern Territory

Expanded capital investment program for non-government schools

Non-government reform support

Budget 2017-18 - preschool factsheet

Minister's Student Congress

Posted on 12 May 2017

On Friday 5 May two of our students represented IPECS at the Minster’s Congress to discuss the Future of Education.  The children were asked to share their views on what makes a great school and a great education. 

The key messages coming from the congress about what makes a great education were great teacher/student relationships, creativity and choice, different levels of work that meets student’s needs, students who love the subjects they are learning, positive learning environments, personalised learning, equity versus equality, great student support , people who encourage students, resources, student voice in learning and equal opportunities.  Our two student representatives will now get feedback from a variety of students about what helps you do well at school, what subjects/areas of school do you do well in and how do you know and do you feel included in all parts of your education? Why? Why not? This feedback will be shared at the next Minister’s Congress meeting in June.



Mother's Day Breakfast

Posted on 04 May 2017

2018 Preschool Information

Posted on 07 Apr 2017

  • Friday 28 April
  • 10 am to 10:45 am
  • Contact: 6142 3777

Info Session

Harmony Day 2017

Posted on 30 Mar 2017

This week at Isabella Plains we celebrated Harmony Day. The children undertook a variety of activities related to the theme ‘everyone belongs’. Children discussed how we are all different, that we like different things, look different, have different families and live in different places but that we all belong at Isabella.

Some students and staff wore orange or traditional clothing to acknowledge difference and share stories from home. We talked about inclusiveness, respect and sharing a sense of belonging.

The kindergarten to year 2 children worked in mixed groups to undertake literacy, art and maths activities.

Introducing Spanish Birth to 8

Posted on 15 Mar 2017

Introducing Spanish Birth to 8

All children at IPECS are introduced to Spanish language and culture birth to 8. Spanish songs and actions are enjoyed right across the school with more formal instruction taking place from Preschool. The preschool children are introduced to Spanish language and culture via the Early Learning Languages Australia program (ELLA). ELLA is a series of interactive applications (apps), aimed at making language learning engaging and interesting to children in preschool. Children in kindergarten to year 2 have weekly Spanish lessons with their class teacher and our resident Spanish teacher, Louise. Louise is Spanish and shares all of her language and cultural knowledge with the children through song, games, and interactive learning opportunities. The children are loving the new program!