The Green Team

The Green Team is a group of families and educators interested in the development of outdoor learning spaces and outdoor education. The team has been working with the Places to Play Project to develop and improve outdoor learning spaces throughout the school and in 2012 the school community won two awards in the Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable City awards.

The Green Team applies for relevant grants and have been successful in obtaining various grants to support the school's projects. During 2012 we were also awarded a Coles Junior Landcare grant for our farm area, a Landcare turf grant to establish the preschool lawns and the National Solar Grant. The Green Team also developed, monitors and supports the school community with the care of the chickens, vegetable gardens and composting.

The Green Team works in conjuction and consults with the children, families, educators, GEMS Parent Association, local business and external partners. Families with an interest are always welcome to be part of the Green Team.

Image of green team members with kids