Frequently Asked Questions

How will Australian Developmental Curriculum benefit my child?

In the early years of schooling the Australian Developmental Curriculum uses active investigations and children's interests as a basis for teaching, learning and explicit instruction, rather than predetermined topics.

Results in schools that are implementing Australian Developmental Curriculum reflect the following:

  • Higher levels of engagement and motivation
  • Higher oral language skills
  • Increased writing
  • Increased pro social skills
  • Decreased behavioural problems

What does Australian Developmental Curriculum look like?

A vital part of the curriculum is having the first two hours of the day available and uninterrupted for the children. This provides children with an opportunity to engage in their investigation stations or reengage and extend yesterday's investigations. As the children arrive at school and all housekeeping tasks will be completed by teacher's, then they will spend some time tuning the children into what they were doing the day before and provide opportunities for them to extend their learning through further investigation. This is a vital part of the morning routine hence it is essential that all children are present.

Children will participate in a program that is planned around their interests as observed by their teacher and in discussion with the children throughout the morning session, during their investigation stations.

If you would like further information on Australian Developmental Curriculum please don't hesitate to talk to a staff member or you might like to visit Kathy Walker's website,

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